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Derb E-Mail–“He Harshes My Mellow”

I’ve been slow getting back on Derb’s query about how the mail has been running on our fight. I’m afraid to say, unless I’ve missed one, I haven’t gotten a single e-mail supporting Derb’s position (I think he’s running a bit up-hill with most of our audience). But I’m happy to post some if people want to send them. A lot of e-mailers disagreed with Derb (a sample: “I DETEST his position…he harshes my mellow”) and a lot disagreed with both of us on various points, but the bottom-line is that everyone seemed to ENJOY the dust-up. Which maybe should be our Corner motto: “If not to elucidate, at least to entertain.” A sample e-mail along those lines:


To answer a question you asked: The Corner needs MORE intramural conflict, but it must remain classy and avoid ad hominem attacks.

Both you and Derb took positions that are identified with different wings of conservative tradition, and argued points that different camps of readers could identify with. Most importantly, you debated these ideas with mutual respect and dignity. In short, keep the gloves on, but continue to embrace after the bell.

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