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Derb Masters Paypal

I think I have got the hang of it.

Those readers who responded to my request for help trying out PayPal on

April 30 by buying my poetry CD, are all entitled to a refund. I can’t

charge people for helping me out. I think I have now processed these

refunds. If you purchased the CD on April 30, you should see a refund in

your own PayPal account…

…Except that some readers e-mailed in and said they wouldn’t accept a

refund. I love these people twice over. Unfortunately I am a lousy manager

of my e-mail, and have lost a couple of your names. So you will have got a

refund even though you told me you didn’t want one. Which is at least

better than the other way round.

If you are one of those who didn’t want a refund but got one anyway, I

suggest you accept it graciously (since I already know you are a gracious

person). Otherwise the whole business will start to resemble one of those

fights to pay the bill that I once, in a restaurant in Taipei, actually

witnessed come to physical blows… (Chinese culture note: If a Chinese

co-diner really, *really* insists on paying the bill, let him.)


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