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Derb On Mel

I haven’t seen Mel Gibson’s “Passion” movie, except for the trailers, so

this is a comment about Mel Gibson movies in general: I think they are much

too bloody. Boy, does Mel like gore. After watching all those squirting

arteries in We Were Soldiers, the drawing and quartering in Braveheart,

and the heads and limbs being carried off by cannon fire in The Patriot, I

have pretty much decided that the next time I want to see a Mel Gibson

movie, I’ll go hang out at the town abbatoir for a couple hours instead.

Yes, yes, I know MG wasn’t directing all those movies, but he must have had

some input, or just been attracted to them in some way. Even Gallipoli,

made in 1981, way before Mel was mega-famous, is unnecessarily gory. When I

hear the name Mel Gibson, the next thing that comes to mind is Othello’s

line: “Oh, blood! blood! blood!” Anyone else noticed this, or is it just



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