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Just catching up here:

Mike: James Mason’s performance in LOLITA, though great Mason, was not his

best. His best was in THE SHOOTING PARTY. “You were not shooting like a

gentleman, Gilbert.”

[From that Fox News report on Arab reaction to Bush’s speech]: “Arabs want

democracy. They hate their corrupt regimes more than they hate the United

States,” wrote Abdul Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of the London-based Arabic

daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi. “But,” he added, “they are not going to listen

attentively to the speech of the American president, first, because the

consecutive American administrations, in the past 50 years, supported those

regimes … and because all true democracies in the world came as a result

of internal struggle, not due to foreign intervention, particularly

American.” Er, the only real democracy in the Middle East is Israel; and

the major premise of all Arab rhetoric is, that Israel continues to exist

(bad thing! bad thing!) precisely because of “foreign intervention,

particularly American.” So… do they want us to intervene, or not?

Kucinich: I’m surprised there hasn’t been more coverage of his proposal to

rename the Department of Defense the “Department of Peace.” I actually

thing “Department of Defense” is already too euphemistic. I favor

“Department of War.” Let’s call things by their true names. I’d even go

across the board with this. “Department of Welfare,” “Department of Farm

Subsidies,” “Department of Foreign Stuff,” “Department of Slums,”

“Department of Regulation,” etc.

Accusations that my stuff is actually written by Boris: This is

contemptible. All I can say is… (Sniff)… Wait a minute, gotta pee…


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