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Derb Star Wars Backlash

An e-mail:

For a group of people who don’t like elitist liberals, you sure are sounding

a lot like them with your Star Wars bashing. Star Wars is space opera, not

science fiction, and is meant to be fun. Reading the criticism on the

Corner takes me back three years to the howls of protest literary circles

prior to the release of the LOTR movies (if the masses like this it must be

bad, and not high literature). Escapism is not always a bad thing-and the

Star Wars movies are meant to be escapist. Reading criticism about the

opening sentence in all six movies not conforming to the science about the

number of galaxies and the actual distance between them just reinforces the

media stereotype that conservatives are stuffy, uptight snobs who take

themselves and life entirely too seriously.

The target audience for Star Wars has always been kids, and not just those

who grew up on the original trilogy. Good heroes, really bad villains,

comic relief, spaceships, blasters, swordfights and lots of explosions-just

the sort of things that most 6-12 year old boys think are cool.

Lighten up folks.


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