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Is Derb a Whiner?

I’ve had a couple (precisely — two) e-mails along the following lines:

“You legal immigrants — you, Brimelow, etc. — are just piqued that the

Bush plan lets illegals bypass the tedious and expensive legal process that

you had to go through. I.e. you are whining. This is not a good basis from

which to criticize the Bush amnesty. It may indeed be unfair to the small

subset of the U.S. population who are legal immigrants; but if it’s good for

America, we should be willing to put up with some unfairness, as we often


Well, phooey to that. Certainly the Bush plan is very unfair to people who

have followed the rules, since it gives people who scoffed at the rules the

same benefit with less trouble and expense than we had. I don’t think that

unfairness is part of the case against the plan, though, and I have never

said I DID think that. I have used that unfairness only to explain a thing

that puzzles some people: Why so many of the folk who are angriest at GWB’s

proposed Coyote’s Charter are themselves immigrants. It’s not part of the

case against the CC, it’s just an explanation for some of the anger about

the CC. The CC is a bad, bad, bad idea for much better reasons than just

the pique it induces on us battered, beggared survivors of INS

legal-immigration proceedings.