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Derb is the Worst! (Almost)

My outrageous, disgraceful, and mean-spirited opinion that military personnel ought to behave with courage and defiance when captured by a hostile power and lawlessly detained, is being denounced from the highest pulpits in the land.

Someone called Keith Olbermann had my picture up on MSNBC last night as 3rd Worst Person in the World. Bill O’Reilly was just ahead of me in the awfulness stakes, so I guess I should be thankful for small mercies. The video clip is here. Mr. Olbermann is especially incensed at my saying (which I don’t actually remember having said–but hey, it’s only TV) that the sailors and marines should have resisted capture. This, he says, is an insult to our brave men and women in uniform.

I shall be on the wireless tonight with Alan Colmes (11 pm EST) and that well-known blogger A.N. Other, trying desperately to defend the above-mentioned, and obviously indefensible, position.

This opinion arises, as a couple of readers have divined, from my own contemptible weakness of character and self-loathing. I shall attempt to defend it none the less.

Out in the badlands of online commentary, things are even more bizarre than in Mr. Olbermann’s fevered brain. One comment on FreeRepublic said I had no right to pass an opinion on the matter because I have never been a prisoner of the Iranians. That seems to me to be taking the chickenhawk argument a tad too far…

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