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Derb’s Party Report

OK, just got back to Lawn Guy Land, thanks to the wonderful Interstate system (and a truly great Republican president).  Hoo-ee, what a bash that was last night!  Met some old friends, made some new ones.  Many, many thanks to the legions of NRO fans who showed up, and to Kathryn, Jonah, Rich & the suits for making it happen.  I was a very good boy & did nothing disgraceful:  Didn’t get drunk, pass inappropriate remarks (well, not many), get into fist fight with Ramesh, make passes at women I’m not married to (not that there’s really a terrifically thriving market in paunchy 60-something married guys with bad teeth, weak chins, 13-yr-old cars, and zero marketable skills), & above all DIDN’T SING.  Phew! 

A surprising number of people I met were keenly interested in my project to read (for money, of course) 4 of Neal Stephenson’s books seriatim.  They urged me to record my progress from time to time on The Corner.  I shall do so.  Current status:  I read the first 5 pages of Cryptonomicon in hotel bed last night before falling asleep.  3,795 pages to go.  So far so good, as the guy who’d jumped off the Empire State building said as he passed the 55th floor.


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