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Desperate Lousewies

From the Independent:

.’This vote is just about the European constitution,” pleads Lousewies van der Laan, alone in the studio with a television camera. The window behind her frames the Dutch parliament in The Hague; the desk in front conceals her blue jeans. “It’s not about whether to allow Turkey to join the EU, or whether we should abandon the euro and get the guilder back.As one of the more photogenic and articulate MPs backing a “yes” vote in the Dutch referendum on the constitution next week, Ms van der Laan, 39, is much in demand to explain why the Netherlands, one of the six founding members of the European Community should not turn its back on its creation.”

Well, Lousewies, did you let the Dutch people vote on whether to adopt the Euro?

No you didn’t.

Well, Lousewies, do you have any plans to let the Dutch people vote on whether to admit Turkey to the EU?

No, you don’t.

So, stop blaming the Dutch people if they take the chance now to say what they think about the mess that you and yours have made of their country.

Vote nee.


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