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For Desperate Parents (Such as Me)

From a reader, a truly useful suggestion:

When you are considering a movie for your kids – or yourself for that matter I guess–I would suggest you check out a movie website called Screen It at This woman (maybe she has a crew) reviews movies on the basis of content and not artistic quality. She goes into everything from Nudity/sexual content to smoking (don’t tell Stuttaford), disrespectful behavior, intensity or scenes, etc. She has over a dozen different categories designed to give us a “heads up” on what type of stuff and how much. For example she does not just say “Nudity” but describes what is seen on the screen–not in a prurient way (unless one is really desperate!), but matter of factly.

Anyway, check it out and you will know in detail any potentially objectionable thing in any given movie. Also, she is non-judgmental in that there’s no preachiness to it, just a good-old Sgt. Friday “Just the facts” presentation.


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