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Desperate Refugees Sell Kidneys

The black market in human organs is apparently active in the European refugee crisis, a Dutch television program is reporting:

Some refugees are paying smugglers to bring them into Europe by selling a kidney, a Dutch television investigation will say on Wednesday night.

Researchers with the Zembla current affairs programme spoke to an organ trader in Cairo who says dozens of people have taken the drastic step to finance their trip. Most are in Germany but one is in the Netherlands and one in France. Others are in Ireland, Britain, Sweden and Norway.

The traders work on behalf of Egyptian transplant surgeons who sell the kidneys to wealthy people in the Middle East. One trader who recruited Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers told the programme he is paid €20,000 a kidney. 

This example of contemporary social Darwinism is a vivid illustration of why organ buying and selling should be outlawed internationally. The sellers will be desperate. The buyers will be vultures willing to exploit the most vulnerable and exploitable to save their own hides.

Of course, the Dutch have little room for judgment. In that country–as well as in Belgium–the mentally ill are voluntarily euthanized and their organs harvested.


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