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My desktop monitor — a 21″ Trinitron from Dell — is VERY BRIGHT. There

are of course little push-button controls on a panel below the screen, which

I have fiddled with till I am blue in the face without effect. The

“Brightness” control is now set at zero, yet the screen is far too bright.

(“Contrast” is at 50 percent.) There are 6 thin bright white lines slanting

across it.

The thing is 4 yrs old. I shall be getting a new computer in the spring,

but have to live with this monitor for a few months. The dazzling glow of

the screen is starting to permeate the house like one of those back-lit

apparitions in a Spielberg movie. I’m worried it might be hurting my eyes.

No other controls are visible other than the push-button ones at the front.

I’m out of warranty and don’t have the $300 deal for Dell to answer my phone

calls. I’m on the point of opening up the thing to see if there’s anything

inside I can adjust… but I really wouldn’t know what I was doing. Anybody

got any ideas? Please respond to Bless you.


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