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Some Politics with Your Sports?

People have accused me of not being able to read the sports pages without thinking about politics. Well, now I will prove them right. A couple of Detroit notes, please (because I’m a Detroiter, sort of).

Our manager, Brad Ausmus — that is, the manager of the Tigers — was talking about the advantage of having wise and experienced heads in the clubhouse. He said, “It’s a little like Reaganomics. It’s trickle-down. If you have good veterans, it’s trickle-down.”

No, no, no, Brad! That’s what the Left always said about us. We were a rising tide lifting boats, for crying out loud!

(In a podcast I did with Thomas Sowell last fall, I brought up this canard of “trickle-down economics,” just to hear him blast it. He was magnificent, of course.)

Now to Calvin Johnson, our beloved wide receiver (Lions). Some know him as “Megatron.” He announced his retirement, and did so in a simple written statement. There was zero hoopla. “While I truly respect the significance of this,” Johnson said, “those who know me best will understand and not be surprised that I choose not to have a press conference. After much prayer, thought and discussion with loved ones, I have made the difficult decision,” etc.

I thought of my conservative brethren who think that presidents ought to submit a written statement to Congress giving the state of the union.

That’s what I think too, except when someone I like, of course, is president. (Ain’t I principled?)


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