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Deval Devalued

A terrified reader:

Dear Mr. Derbyshire:

In the name of all that is Holy I beseech you never to write, speak aloud, or even think of Deval Patrick running for national office! Those of us who are “blessed” by his munificent and beneficent rule could not live without the purity of his vision, his sagacity and his amazing insight into human nature.

In other words, it is bad enough having this egomaniacal Napoleon le Petit lord over the once proud citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts without thoughts of inflicting him on the rest of the nation. Even the Bush-derangement Syndrome stricken democrats in Massachusetts don’t like him, and this is saying something. (Forty-nine percent said they disapproved, while 41 percent approved, the SurveyUSA/WBZ-TV poll suggested.)

Sorry, Sir, just trying to help. (Translation:  Just trying to position self for job in Gore admin.)