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DeVos Will Be, and Deserves to be, Confirmed

Further to what Jack said, Democrats are going hammer and tongs after Betsy DeVosLamar Alexander is annoyed:

The sharpness of the political divide on a committee that has long prided itself on bipartisan cooperation seems to be wearing on its chairman, Sen. Lamar Alexander, known for his calm demeanor and emphasis on comity. In a widely circulated post on Medium, he complained that DeVos has answered 837 written follow-up questions from Democratic committee members (1,397 if you count questions within a question), 25 times as many follow-up questions Republicans asked either of former president Obama’s education secretary picks.

“Few Americans have done as much as Betsy DeVos has to help low-income children have a choice of a better school,” Alexander said on the floor of the Senate last week. “The Democrats’ opposition to her says more about them than it does about her.”

Assuming Republicans hold — and they have no good reason not to — she’s going to get confirmed anyway. The Left has been working Lisa Murkoski hard, but DeVos has made it clear that she supports the rural education that is so important in Alaska and for Republicans, the intense union opposition to her should redound to her credit. Murkowski should vote for DeVos, and give her a bear skin rug for the lobby of her new office when she’s confirmed. 


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