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Dhimmi Derb

Robert Spencer is scandalized that I referred to Jihadwatch as “Separationist.”  Well, let’s see.

The ur-text on “separationism” (the notion, broadly speaking, that the West should have nothing to do with Islam) is Larry Auster’s long blog of last December, here .

That blog includes the following approving remarks on some commentary by Hugh Fitzgerald, who is… the other main blogger on Jihadwatch.

Auster writes:

At the same time [Hugh] Fitzgerald, like myself, calls not only for stopping Muslim immigration into the West but reversing it:

“[Quoting Hugh Fitzgerald] But the main point is that this war of self-defense, against a Jihad that ranges from the Philippines to Portland, Oregon, from Nigeria to New York, from Madrid to Madras, is a war to be waged not merely, not even mainly, through military might. Those pushing the Jihad use far more than military means, and in self-defense, the same methods must be used. Muslim migration must not only be halted, but the mental ground prepared among Western Europeans for reversing the Muslim presence in their countries.”

Auster continues:

Fitzgerald’s strategic ideas thus include (among others I have not mentioned): (1) the externally enforced isolation and constraint of Islam, including (2) active assistance to jihad-threatened non-Muslims at the edges of the Muslim world and (3) permanent U.S. military bases at the edges of the Muslim world, all of which (he hopes) would help trigger (4) Kemal-type de-Islamization movements that would arise within the Muslim world, and, finally, (5) the de-Islamization of the West through radically changed immigration policies, and, ultimately, reverse-immigration policies.

If that ain’t “separationism,” I don’t know what is. 

If Spencer tells me that Jihadwatch has never advocated bribing Muslims to leave Western countries, I will believe him, not being a regular Jihadwatch reader.  (Though if Auster is right about “Fitzgerald’s strategic ideas” including “reverse-immigration policies,” it seems to me they ought to include the most obvious and humane “reverse-immigration policy” of all–just paying people to go away.)  If Spencer  really has never heard of the idea, though, then all I can say is that he hasn’t been paying much attention to his chosen field of commentary.  The idea has been floating around the blogosphere since at least last November.

P.S.  Why does everyone think I am an atheist?  I am not one, and have never said I am.