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Diamonds in Your Drink

You know how we Americans love ice in our drinks and how it can be problematic to get ice abroad? I could tell many stories, amusing, I think. I tell one at the end of my journal today. And I enjoyed this letter from a reader:

Mr. Nordlinger,

In college I studied for a semester in Regensburg, Germany, with a group of about 15 students from our local state university. We’d been there about three weeks when some of us were walking past a McDonald’s — which, until then, we’d all made a point of avoiding. Out came a member of our group. When he saw us, he got very excited and shook his cup at us: “Guys! They have ICE!!!” 

We couldn’t get to the counter fast enough to order our own ice-filled drinks. Our McDonald’s boycott, I’m afraid, was history.


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