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Dice Games and Sex Ed

What happens when you leave sex education to a bunch of loud and aggressive activists, most of whom neither have nor understand children? You get the hyper-sexualized and wildly inappropriate degradation of children in the classroom. The Times of London recently reported that the British government has given Proud Trust, an LGBT charity, over $100,000 to teach children as young as 13 about obscure adult behaviors by use of dice games.

Here’s how it works. The words “anus,” “vulva,” “penis,” “hands and fingers,” “mouth,” and “objects” are written on the sides of dice, then, children throw the dice two times and talk about what sexual acts might be done with those two things. So, penis + anus might be anal sex. And anus + hands and fingers might be — well, you get the idea. The pack then enthusiastically informs teachers that “every combination is worthy of conversation!” And it is of course, given that (per The Times): “Toolkits can be used by schools to help meet statutory requirements to teach relationships and sex education (RSE) classes as part of reforms introduced for the coming year.”

Yay, progress!


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