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Did Kate Middleton Use the NHS? Of Course Not

Naturally, Kate Middleton opted out of Britain’s “world class” National Health Service for the delivery of her baby. According to the Daily Express, a suite at the private Lindo Wing of London’s St. Mary’s hospital costs £6,265 per night — and this “excludes consultants’ fees.” Middleton’s total bill is expected to come to around £12,000 ($18,500).

A poll conducted by ICM revealed that “37 per cent of the British public think that she should be having her firstborn on the National Health Service, believing it would send a powerful symbol if the new third in line to the throne was a child of the NHS.” Meanwhile, 43 percent supported the Duchess’s decision. When Britain’s two religions — socialized medicine and the Royal Family – come into conflict, the winner is anybody’s guess.

How odd, though, that the Royal Family wouldn’t elect to use a system that was featured so prominently in Britain’s “national story” during the opening ceremony of last year’s Olympics. It’s almost as if it’s not up to scratch.


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