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Did McCain Flip on Immigration, or Did Immigration Flip on McCain?

After briefly noting Sen. John McCain’s apparent 180 on immigration as evinced by his support for a new Arizona law — allowing police to arrest individuals not carrying identification if there is “reasonable suspicion” that the individuals are illegal immigrants — I received this thoughtful letter:

I just read your post on Sen. McCain and the immigration problem in our state. I’m assuming that you think he is either hypocritical or a flip-flopper. As someone who has lived in Tucson, AZ since 1972, I don’t think you all back east understand how much things have changed down here in the last few years. This is not the same border we were protecting just a few years ago. The difference is the Mexican drug cartels and the war that is going on down there between them and the Mexican government and among themselves. Just last week, three of the cartels joined together to try to take out the Zetas, a sort of rogue group responsible for all sorts of horrible things. We have never had a rancher murdered before Mr. Krentz two weeks ago. This is a very dangerous place to be these days, and Senator McCain is smart enough to recognize that. Give him some credit please. For our sake, the country needs to listen to him and Senator Kyl.



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