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Did Someone Get to Me?

From a reader:


OK tell me the truth JG, I can keep a secret…just between you and me.  Someone asked you to try and find something (anything) pleasant to say about Bush right?  It’s the only reason I can see for you staying out of this immigration fight.  The house is on fire and you’re talking about what lovely curtains we have?  Come on JG… take a swing at someone…. break a chair over someones head….do something….

You’re one of the conservative movements heavy hitters… don’t go skulking out of the room muttering about the economy… call someone a beaner, or a nazi, or something…. accuse Jpod of being a sell out… tell the Derb you’re going to have ICE pick up his kids….anything….

We have a saying in the south…”If you don’t have something nice to say about someone else,… come on over here and sit next to me.”  Don’t stay out of this forever…spread some gasoline around somewhere….

 Me: Nobody’s gotten to me. And I did get a little snippy with David Gergen on LKL last night. I have a piece coming out in USAToday next week which takes sides on immigration. And, I have plenty of un-nice things left in me to say about plenty of folks. 

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