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Did We Read the Same Book?

From an amazon reader review of Mark Levin’s Rescuing Sprite:

Mr. Levin’s book reads like a legal brief or one of his posts at NRO.

Only words, no connection to emotion whatsoever.

It’s a crime this beautiful story didn’t have the help of a co-author who was able to express the feelings involved in a less self centered manner.

Mark’s book is anything but unemotional.

By the way, you may recall “The Corner” linking to blog-left plans to protest a Levin booksigning in New Jersey this week. Mark had to cancel the signing because of the inconvenience to the neighborhood. Can you imagine protesting a book about a man’s love for his dog? Is the political atmosphere really that bad?

Well, if it is, Mark’s doing his part with this book to remind us all there’s more that we have in common than not. And it’s not a legal brief.

It started, by the way, as an essay to his family that he wrote a year ago today, the day his dog, Sprite, died.

(Hey, and what’s unemotional about Corner posts anyway?)


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