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Did You Miss This “Weekend”?

MEN: Q&A: Kathleen Parker talks about fathers, sons, and feminist ghosts. “Hail the Male” 6/13 2:00 PM

FATHER’S DAY: SUSAN KONIG: “Thanks for not being a big, stinky jerk.” “Fathers: Good, Bad, and Divine” 6/13 2:00 PM

MOVIES: THOMAS HIBBS: If you just believe hard enough, maybe this movie will be special. “Kung Fu Panda” 6/13 2:00 PM

FATHER’S DAY II: SAM BROWNBACK: Dependable dads are important not only for our families, but for our nation’s future. “We Depend on Dads” 6/13 2:00 PM

AUDIO: WEEK IN REVIEW: RADIO DERB: John Derbyshire on Clint Eastwood & Spike Lee, heterosexual AIDS, Canada’s persecution of Mark Steyn, and much more. “Radio Derb” 6/13 2:00 PM

MOVIES II: PETER SUDERMAN: Marvel’s not-so-jolly green giant returns. “The Incredible Hulk” 6/13 2:00 PM

COMICS: SHAWN MACOMBER: A coloring book that speaks to today’s children: I Don’t Want to Blow You Up!Color Me PC” 6/13 2:00 PM

RELIGION: MARY EBERSTADT: Elizabeth Anscombe hurt the atheist cause. “Loser Letters” 6/13 2:00 PM

AUDIO: PARENTING: BETSY HART: Are we too invasive of our children’s privacy? “It Takes a Parent” 6/13 2:00 PM

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