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Did You Read “NRO Weekend”?

AUDIO: WEEK IN REVIEW: RADIO DERB: Listen to John Derbyshire on Jeremiah Wright, the Sean Bell case, the new U.S. embassy in Baghdad, and much more. “Radio Derb” 5/2 12:00

DOCUMENTARY: JIM MANZI: Trying to wish away valid scientific findings because you believe that they imperil religious or ethical beliefs is a fool’s errand. Show Me the Science 5/2 12:00

MOVIES: PETER SUDERMAN: Robert Downey Jr.’s Stark is genius. Heavy Metal 5/2 12:00

BELTWAY: KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: I’m not laughing at the White House Correspondents Dinner. “Feeling Dirty at the Hilton” 5/2 12:00

SEX: FRED SCHWARZ: After all the feminists’ hard work, women are still embarrassed about casual sex. “The Walk of Shame” 3/28 12:30

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