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The die is cast

This week was the week for Republicans to get on a stronger footing on the Foley scandal: to have those most responsible take a fall (Hastert staffers and probably Shimkus); to make it clear that they have nothing to hide by appointing someone widely respected to investigate the whole mess (Bob Bennett, whose name has been mentioned, might have been a good choice–a Democrat and a tough lawyer and not a partisan hack); to get their facts straight and present a united front to the world; to eschew foolish conspiracy theories that made them look desperate and out of touch with reality. None of that happened, and now it’s probably too late. 

Now, they have to play the hand they have dealt themselves, and that means going on offense: expressing outrage that they would all be tarred with the actions of one perverted guy in their midst; contrasting the way they handled Foley–out of Congress immediately as soon as they learned what he was doing–with the way Democrats stuck with Studds and Clinton; attacking the media and the Democrats for wanting to run a campaign on the misconduct of one cashiered congressman when we are waging two wars and there are real issues of national significance to be debated. Politically, this is the only way forward for them now. 


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