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My syndicated column has a different email address when it gets sent out to the world. It’s amazing how different the readerships are. Here are two fun emails just because it’s late Friday. The first is from my column on C-Span :


With your typical fallacious reasoning, you try to use the outstanding creation of Brian Lamb as proof, somehow, that the media giants are not greedy corporations. You might as well tell us that if you are mugged on the way from making a withdrawal from an ATM, you will consider the mugger to be blameless if he/she gives you one of your dollars. One, obviously, has nothing to do with another. C-Span is a very good thing, a family favorite, but no responsible person would even think of using it to suggest that this absolves media corporations from blame for their misconduct and proves their inherent virtue. Brian Lamb deserves a Congressional Gold Medal, but the media corporations get more than they deserve in their tax deductions alone.. I give you a Bronx Cheer for mental loitering with the intent to mope.. You, I suppose, are awaiting the Newsprint Manufacturers’ Association Award for “maximum consumption of newsprint without logic discussion?”

I suppose you have ben forced by circumstances to take take a break from your primary defense of the irrational and indefensible politicians of the your “Corporate Hippie Self Love Movement,” exemplified by a radical right on the verge of becoming leftists -again without giving proper credit, this time Mussolini, who created the concept you so admire? I take it that this is because the truth about this Administration’s sorry record is now coming to light? Authoritarian politicians and politics of the right and of the left, National Socialist German Worker’s Party, “Neo-Con,” Bolshevik, Maoist or al-Quaida, all possess the same essential characteristics, varying only in trivial detail. They do not meet the high standards of American Conservatism and represent an abandonment of the qualities which has made America great.

Thank for providing us with some of the oddest examples of “spin.” Sometimes your comedic presentations are almost brilliant. Have you ever considered an appearance on Saturday Nigh Live? You really ought to think about a new career.


The second is completely out of left (and I mean left) field:

I think you are blinded by your countries hostility to Fidel Castro. It is so predictable. Your so called freedom loving country will not let you visit Cuba to see for yourself the running of this country that “dares” to reject capitalism. Who is the “evil dictator” ? Bush, Castro or Carter ?


[Name withheld]

UK Citizen with freedom to visit Cuba (unlike you)


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