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Dino Rage

From a reader:

For a “glass is half full” perspective of the deal, turn on Air America and listen to Jerry Springer bemoan how much these idiot DINO senators gave up for NOTHING. After twenty minutes in the car listening to him, I’m starting to think that maybe the deal wasn’t that bad after all.

It just goes to show you that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ – maybe the deal looks bad from ‘our’ point of view, but it doesn’t look much better from ‘theirs’ either. Isn’t that what a compromise usually results in – two parties who feel like they’ve given up too much to gain too little but, ultimtately, are prepared to walk away from the table with just so much in hand?

Instead of saying its a bad deal, just accept that members of both parties found a need to undercut their leadership and their orthodox base and move forward. Any compromise would have been hard to swallow on both poles. I’m taking solice in the fact that their pole is no less agrieved than ours, and saying shoot for 60 Republican senators to kill any need for compromise in the future.


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