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Of Dinos and Scouts: Some Mail

Below, I had a post about “dinosaurs,” or “dinos,” which is what some people are calling us pre-Trump conservatives, perhaps with justification. A reader from Israel sends this note:

Here’s a dinosaur joke for your amusement. A little girl is visiting the natural-history museum, looks at the bones of the T-Rex, and asks the guard, “How old is the dinosaur?” He replies, “This dinosaur is 65 million, 17 and a half years old.”

The little girl asks, “How can you know so exactly?” He says, “Because when I came to work here, I asked how old the dinosaur was, and they said 65 million. That was 17 and a half years ago.”

While we’re on the subject of being dinosauric: My late father-in-law, who lived to be 97, was a professor of classics. In his later years, he used to say, “I’m an ancient historian, in both meanings of the term.”

I further had a post on the Boy Scouts, and its decision to admit girls. A reader writes,

Both my boys are in Scouts, and my older is working on Eagle. Rule of thumb is, make them bust their hump to get it done before girls and cars overwhelm their mind. Right now in Scouts, they’re thinking about camping, hiking, getting in shape for Philmont [a Scout ranch in New Mexico], trying to get leadership positions, learning marksmanship, and a hundred other things. Add girls to all that, and, well …


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