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“That Dirty Jew”

From a reader:

Hey Jonah,

From the Canadian who tends to defend the American position–was visiting NYC over the last 5 days to have some fun and possibly see a little history. Interesting story: I’m having a few beers in a SoHo bar and strike up a conversation at the bar. My new friend was a German guy named Constantin, he’s got an-anti war button on and was deeply committed to “peace.” We begin to talk about the war and the idea of pre-emption comes up: I mention that the pre-emption doctrine has been around for a while, proposed in detail in the early 90’s by Paul Wolfowitz but not adopted by Bush senior or Clinton. He says something that amazed me. He cuts me off at the word “Wolfowitz” and says “…that dirty Jew.” So much for the anti-racism of these guys.


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