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An e-mail one NRO reader sent to the Discovery Channel re: Jeremy Clarkson’s Marine gunships killing hungry blacks column:

I have seen 3 or 4 episodes of TOP GEAR and have enjoyed them very much. However, after comments made in the British media by the host of the show (Jeremy Clarkson,) I will no longer be watching. I am not “boycotting” the show on principle, or anything like that. Mr. Clarkson has every right to believe as he does and even to voice that opinion in public. I just don’t think I would enjoy the show anymore knowing that its host thinks that I “barely have the brainpower to walk on [my] back legs.” I will continue to watch other shows on Discovery. MYTHBUSTERS is one of my favorites. For all I know, Jamie and Adam may have the same opinions as Mr. Clarkson, but if they do, at least they have sense enough not to say so publicly.

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