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Disgusting, but Nice

I was pleased to see that The Economist, a big-time magazine (we like the small-time magazines best, right?), had an article on the Oslo Freedom Forum. (If you’d like to see my own reports from the forum, go to this archive and look at late April and early May.) I have two objections, however.

Vladimir Bukovsky and Garry Kasparov are referred to as “anti-Soviet gadflys.” First, that should be “gadflies.” But more seriously: What a disgusting way to refer to these men, particularly to Bukovsky, who endured years of torture. And Kasparov is sticking his neck out every day. Perhaps the Economist writer, or writers, understand “gadfly” in a less pejorative sense than I do.

Also, the magazine says that the Human Rights Foundation in New York focuses “mainly on the sins of leftist regimes in Latin America.” Yeah? Where are the sins of the rightist regimes? Indeed, where are the rightist regimes? HRF would be more than happy to focus on that, too.

Still, nice to see The Economist at the Freedom Forum.


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