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Disgusting, Part Three

Yes, Andrew, George (lackey of Saddam) Galloway Al (libeler of Stephen Pagones) Sharpton, Michael (defamer of America in all its forms) Moore and their ilk are disgusting. The difference between you and me is that I’m not using the term “disgusting” in a “robust parliamentary” sense. I actually mean it. The thinking of people like that is either exculpatory of or indicative of or leading in the direction of genuine evil.

Actually, if robust parliamentary debate were as puerile and witless as calling Tony Blair disgusting, it really wouldn’t deserve the reputation it has for robustness. People would, rather, scoff and sneer at it because it would be so low and cheap and unamusing, not to mention incapable of being a forum where useful distinctions can be drawn between things. But look, if you want to use the same word for Tony Blair that you would for George Galloway, then you go right ahead. By all means. By their analogies shall ye know them.

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