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The Radical Politics of Frozen II

Cast members Idina Menzel (left) and Kristen Bell pose at the premiere of Frozen II in Los Angeles, Calif., November 7, 2019. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

Every so often someone tells me, “Cool it, man, you’re reading waaaay too much into this kiddie cartoon.” Or superhero movie. Or whatever. Frozen II pretty obviously is breathtakingly radical. (And also a bad movie; the two don’t necessarily go together.) I didn’t include any spoilers in my review, but I see Slate has published a spoiler-laden essay in contemplation of the cartoon’s (utterly bizarre) storyline and how it brings in themes of colonialism and reparations. I largely agree with Slate‘s writer, who seems somewhat taken aback by how breathtakingly far-left the movie is. A Disney movie that’s to the left of a Slate essayist is . . . something.

I mention the Slate piece in case anyone thought my piece was unsupported by the content of the film.


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