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Dispatch from the Left Coast

I happened to be passing through a street fair in San Francisco’s Mission district yesterday (to give you a flavor, there was the odd drag queen with five-o-clock shadow, and an indie rock band playing while stuffed in the back of a moving rickshaw, but the modal participant was a mustachioed guy in a newsboy cap on old-fashioned roller skates). Anyway, this street fair doubled as an opportunity for retail canvassing and campaigning by the champions of half a dozen San Francisco mayoral candidates.

A small group of volunteers for one candidate, who I am told is a Progressive frontrunner, had set up a little stand with some campaign literature, lawn signs, voter registration forms and the like. But whoever was running the  show had added an adjunct table — this one with a variety of literature all bearing the headline “FREE BRADLEY MANNING.”

And liberals are scared of places like Texas?