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Dissent Is Criminal

Bob Bauer, the husband of Anita “My Favorite Political Philosopher Is Mao” Dunn, has been appointed as the new White House counsel. I know Bob, and on an everyday level he is a polite gentleman with a great family history. But he is not someone you want to face on the other side of a court case or a political battle because he is a fierce partisan who does not believe in taking prisoners. No one should forget that it was Bauer, as the general counsel for the Obama presidential campaign, who wrote a letter to the Justice Department on October 17, 2008, asking that a special prosecutor investigate Republicans like John McCain for talking publicly about voter fraud. According to Bauer, such talk was not only evidence of a “partisan political agenda,” but supposedly intended to “suppress voting” by harassing voters and impeding “their exercise of their rights.”

The spurious claims made in the letter were pretty outrageous at the time, but what is even scarier is that we now have a White House counsel who has asserted that anyone who talks about voter fraud, including the type of massive voter-registration fraud committed by ACORN, should be investigated and prosecuted by the Justice Department for voter intimidation. Under normal circumstances, one could be pretty confident that the attorney general would dismiss such ridiculous claims. But given the serious concerns about the politicalization of the Justice Department under Eric Holder, perhaps we should all be worried that the prosecutorial power of the Justice Department will be used against members of the opposition political party on this issue. Since I write about voter fraud fairly often, I guess I should be on the lookout for that grand-jury indictment or a call from the FBI.

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