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Diversity & Economics

Derb – Question for you. A while back I floated the idea that immigration dilutes the socialist urge because immigrants aren’t seen as members of the tribal community and therefore are perceived as having less claim on resources. I wasn’t asserting it was true, I merely raised the possibility. 

I know Steve Sailer thinks I’m all-wet on this (and other things too). But doesn’t the Putnam research lend some nominal credibility to this thesis at least in theory? If diversity reduces the sense of fellow-feeling and esprit d’corps in the culture that must translate itself into political attitudes as well. The “we’re all in it together” spirit lends itself to socialistic policy remedies for obvious reasons. Immigration used to feed the inidividualistic narrative quite powerfully. But these days that narrative has been dangerously muddied by identity politics. Regardless, it seems to me that the Putnam thesis still lends some support for my not strongly held theory. What say you?


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