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Divide and Fall

Michael Yon e-mails:

This talk in America of partitioning Iraq is a mistake.  Lawmakers who are discussing this are out of touch with Iraq.   Iraqis seem largely against any idea of partitioning their country.  There is some popular support among Kurds, but they are not ready to start pounding survey stakes. During a CNN interview this weekend, I reiterated what I have been saying for some time:”I’ve seen a very serious change in the seas. I’m not predicting this but I would not be at all surprised to see a precipitous drop in violence in Iraq in general over the next six months or so. I just would not be surprised based on the things that I’m seeing in Nineveh province, out in Anbar, up in Baghdad and out in Diyala and out here. Will it last, nobody knows, but it’s certainly, the indicators are starting to look better and better.”

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