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Dmn Slaps Minority Journo Bias

My editorial board colleague Ruben Navarrette, who is Latino, returned from the UNITY conference of minority journalists appalled by the naked partisanship his 5,000 fellow

minority journalists displayed in the way they treated John Kerry, versus the way they treated President Bush. And <a href="

s/081004dnedilibmedia.97b79.html”>he wrote a staff editorial about it. Here’s the first sentence: Anyone who

has ever harbored suspicions that there’s such a thing as a liberal media

need only to have been in Washington last week to observe how thousands of

minority journalists treated the two headliners to their conference:

President George Bush and Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.

There you have it. One of the country’s major newspapers calls out this

bias — and it wasn’t in a column by the National Review alumnus on the

editorial board, but was the opinion of the board itself, speaking on behalf

of the newspaper. My hope is that the mainstream media will at least admit

it has this problem, begin to realize that “diversity” that includes a

newsroom full of minority journalists who all share the same liberal

politics is a diversity that’s only skin deep, and start to rectify the

situation by seeking ideological diversity.


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