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Dmn Thanks Pat Tillman

Here is what the editorial board of my

newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, has to say in praise of Pat Tillman, a

great man and a great American

patriot. Here’s an excerpt:

Pat Tillman’s laid up his treasure in loyalty and selfless service to his

nation, for which he gave, in Lincoln’s immortal phrase, “the last full

measure of … devotion.” Sen. John McCain of Arizona, a war hero of

Vietnam, said yesterday that the young man’s death will “seem a heavy blow

to the nation’s morale.” To the contrary, we believe that Pat Tillman’s

sacrifice will inspire his fellow Americans. His life and his death bear

witness to the truth that there are some ideals worth dying for, and

therefore some ideals worth living for.

Pat Tillman, who walked off the football field and died on the field of

honor, was a great American and a great man. We are, every one of us,

forever in his debt.


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