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Do The Amish Have Cellphones?

In a generally amusing and worthwhile piece, Jeff Taylor offers this snark at yours truly:

Apparently the prospect of Democratic efforts to register thousands of new voters in each battle ground state has pushed Bush supporters over the edge in their search for a GOP equalizer. For example, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg mused repeatedly on the Bush underpolling theme, positing that there exists such animus toward George Bush among the public that voters are actually ashamed to tell pollsters they support the guy.

Me: While I can understand why some might think I was stretching things with the underpolling stuff, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t being sincere. My understanding is that Republicans underpolled in numerous states in 2000. And, from the email I get from people who are terrified to sport Bush bumper stickers alone, I think there’s probably quite a bit of underpolling going on this year. Whether it’s enough to make a difference remains to be seen of course. I have no objection to Taylor’s rather tepid objections to the suggestion that Bush is underpolling, but I do object that to the insinuation that I was offering the possibility in anything like bad faith.