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Do Law Firms Recruit From The Military?

Interesting e-mail from an insider. I have bowdlerized it to protect the


“Mr. Derbyshire—You correctly observe that the ‘pampered darlings of our

educational meritocracy’ who work at white-shoe law firms have not on the

whole performed military service. I was honorably discharged from the Navy

Judge Advocate General’s Corps on [date supplied], and was distressed to

receive the following news from a legal recruiter (her words): ‘The

responses I’ve gotten focus on your lack of private firm experience. As an

example, my contact at [name of firm] said they rarely hire from JAG for

just that reason. My contact at [name of another firm], a much smaller

firm, said essentially the same thing, citing a need to ‘get off the ground

running’. I wish this was a more positive response for you, however, I

think that the firms I’ve contacted represent a the broad spectrum of the

[name of large U.S. metropolis] market.’ In other words, at least some

prestigious firms have a policy of not hiring Judge Advocates coming off

active duty.

“The pampered law school leftists particularly dislike the JAG Corps because

of the military’s ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy on homosexuality, and

protest on campus when we attempt to recruit. They would rather that such

an odious institution as the United States military never set foot on their

pristine campus. I suspect their snobbery extends to their hiring practices

once they enter private practice.”


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