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Do a Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage?

Major meme alert: A majority of Americans now allegedly support gay marriage! This is very hard to believe given, say, November exit polls showing just 40 percent support SSM (and 54 percent oppose it). It’s also very hard to believe given that gay marriage is having a hard time gathering majority support even in deep-blue states, from California to Maine to Maryland.

One major poll shows no upward trend in support for gay marriage: the PPP/Daily Kos poll, which shows just 31 percent of Americans support gay marriage (when offered the alternative of civil unions or no recognition at all). That’s a 3 percentage-point decrease since January, by the way.

That’s right. The PPP polling firm, considered a “Democratic hack” firm by one political consultant I spoke with, is not showing any increase in support for gay marriage.

This is the only poll consistent with what’s actually happening in elections. Why are they suddenly so accurate? I take up the issue over on the NOM blog. Bottom line: PPP uses automated response technology, and Americans are becoming scared to say what they really think on the issue.

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