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Do Not Be Mocked

On her Facebook page Tuesday, Sarah Palin posted on “How Obama Repaid Notre Dame.”    

There she quotes this from a Michael Gerson column:    

In politics, the timing is often the message. On Jan. 20 — three days before the annual March for Life — the Obama administration announced its final decision that Catholic universities, hospitals and charities will be compelled to pay for health insurance that covers sterilization, contraceptives and abortifacients. Preparing for the march, Catholic students gathered for Mass at Verizon Center. The faithful held vigil at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Knights of Columbus and bishops arrived to trudge in the cold along the Mall. All came to Washington in time for their mocking.    

I appreciate Gerson’s column — this mandate is, of course, a predictable insult to those who foolishly lent their credibility to him along the way — but his visual about a week ago Sunday and Monday has been gnawing at me.

As someone who was at the morning Verizon Center Mass, the vigil at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and the March for Life: These faithful were not mocked. These kids — so many young people — activists and other alarmed citizens are a source of inspiration. Their determination in the face of federal tyranny should get us all doing more. The overwhelming majority of those I spoke to are no fools, not an ounce of political naivete on display. They know the stakes. They were not the ones deluding themselves four years ago into believing the outright lies of a candidate who was already positioned to be the most radical on issues of life, based not only on his promises to his abortion-industry base but on his legislative record.    

Besides the crucial work of educating, equipping, and rallying, getting on the same page, in terms of legislation, is — as Ramesh points out — essential. Jeff Fortenberry in the House and Roy Blunt in the Senate have demonstrated long-term leadership with their legislation; may determined and focused teamwork rule the day. The stakes here are too important for it not to. 

As readers here have heard before, Notre Dame’s president did a real disservice when he honored President Obama there — a scandalous one. Evil does what it does: It sows confusion, even on a campus where there are beacons, too, as Fr. Wilson Miscamble there can tell you about, since he himself is one.   

Palin’s “Repaid” framing is right-on. But those kids who overwhelmed me yet again were not mocked — and should not be lumped in with a university president’s damaging call. And they will not be, if religious liberty is to remain our claim as Americans. 


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