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That’s a lovely post on Doctor Who, Mike. As I described here, I can still remember watching the very first episode of that show. Funnily enough, it survived and is still available on a DVD, but watching it now, I’m not sure that it wouldn’t have been better left as a memory – although there is something about the first appearance of William Hartnell (the first Doctor), which still grips . . .


Your post was, of course, in turn a link to one by Andrew Sullivan in which he said (admitted?) that he had probably watched more of this television show than any other. I suspect that I’m in the same Tardis. I watched the first episode back in 1963, and I caught up with a couple of the latest episodes on BBC America last weekend. Not bad after nearly half a century. The latest Doctor (Matt Smith) is indeed first rate, but Andrew is right, Tom Baker is the Doctor.


Anyway, back to the real world . . .


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