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Dodd Man Out

“Connecticut — indeed, the nation — will miss Christopher J. Dodd after he leaves the U.S. Senate in January” — so editorialized the Hartford Courant last month, one of many gooey send-offs for the now-former senator. Our old pal Tom Scott offers a more honest retrospective on the Meaning of Dodd. Here’s a selection:

Let’s start at the end. After five terms in the United States Senate, Dodd opted not to run for reelection in 2010 when it became all too evident he would be in for a real fight – and perhaps more to the point, that he would be forced to account for his personal mortgage dealings with Countrywide.

To date, Dodd has been transparently selective with the information he has released concerning these mortgages, and the Senate Ethics Committee investigation of the matter was a sham. However, the fact that the Senate, with all of its senatorial courtesy, even took up the matter for investigation, speaks volumes about its seriousness.

Dodd was never subpoenaed by the Ethics Committee, nor did he volunteer to testify, nor were his mortgage documents ever subpoenaed or examined by the committee, nor did Dodd ever release them to the public. Now, with Dodd retiring, a complete accounting of his sleazy dealings with Countrywide will never be revealed.

Dodd’s carefully crafted farewell speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate conveyed that he is leaving office so he can ride off into the sunset with his beautiful family. Dodd has a beautiful family, but I have no doubt he would have rather served another term than ride off into the sunset. Dodd was chased out of office by scandal.

The complete shebang can be read at Tom Scott Reports.


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