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Does the Biden Administration Oppose the Genital Mutilation of Children?

Thank you, Maddy, for noting that alarming non-answer from Dr. Rachel Levine. (And thanks to Senator Paul for asking it and making clear what was going on.) Levine couldn’t even draw the line on the government intervening and overriding parents when a child thinks he wants a sex change. How many of us haven’t heard girls say they want to be boys in our day because they wanted an occasional fire engine? And the thing I treasured about Ryan Anderson’s When Harry Became Sally is how compassionate he was to people who legitimately suffer from gender dysphoria, which I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Imagine being so uncomfortable in your body and identity. But children should not be deciding to alter their bodies in such a way, and parents should not only be legally able to protect their children from the contagion of the day, but expected to.

Often people are too concerned with offending to speak out, but someone has to be a voice for the hurt and confused children. Life is hard enough for a child in foster care without adults getting his sex changed before they even had a childhood or actual love in their lives.

Rand Paul bringing up children on the street should be especially of concern to all of us, and why more of us need to step up to give them a home. But this radical sexualization of children happening is going to increasingly keep good traditional religious families from going anywhere near a system that can lead with insane questions about infants and theoretical gender change in the teen years.

Someone should make the administration be clear about what it’s setting out to do instead of veiling its radicalism with words like “equality” which its ideology has rendered meaningless.


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