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Dog Bites Man: Iran Backing Hezbollah’s Internal Struggle for Personal Betterment in Lebanon

As Robert Spencer notes at JihadWatch, the UK’s Telegraph reports Israel’s assessment that Iran is helping Hezbollah’s operatives become better people through good works in Lebanese society:

Israel has claimed that Iran was behind the terror group Hizbollah’s armed struggle with the Lebanese government and warned that the conflict could spill into a wider Middle East crisis.

Hizbollah fighters spread virtually unopposed across west Beirut districts loyal to the pro-Western government.

After a night of firefights, the mainly Sunni Muslim residents of the capital’s west woke to find Shia Hizbollah fighters patrolling the streets.

The main compounds of country’s two senior political leaders were besieged in a dramatic demonstration of the shift in power. …

Me: Look, the mullahs and their clients in Syria are probably just interested in a stable Lebanon, like the stable Iraq the State Department and the Iraq Study Group tell us they want.  So what’s the problem?


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