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Dog Whistles

I’ve gotten several emails today from readers who think my dog-whistle- for-evangelicals observation was misguided, or at least incomplete:

You imply in your post that Romney is using code phrases meant to tickle evangelical ears.  As an active Mormon, I can tell you that the references that Mr. Oran Smith uses are also commonly used in Mormon circles.  His wording is more likely coming from deeply engrained personal beliefs than from a focus group.—————This is not dog-whistling. Conservative Mormons are exactly the same way, and would hear this whistle just as easily as an evangelical. I’m a conservative Mormon and I wept to hear the passages your correspondent calls dog whistles. I’ve never discussed those issues with evangelicals, but I’ve discussed them numerous times with my conservative Mormon friends.—————His references might indeed be such but those references are also commonly found in talks given by members of the LDS Church on any given Sunday in any given area of the world.  The LDS church w/its world-wide missionary force is very well aware of the effect the secularization of Europe & Asia has had on people of faith or those who seek it.  



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