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Dogs Are Good People

This is Jonah’s beat, I know, but I couldn’t help but think that this dog is a better friend than a lot of people are. Cold, wet, shivering, dehydrated, disoriented and hungry in the post-diluvian wreckage of Japan, this pup stands by his stricken canine pal as a news crew approaches.  You can see he’s initially tempted to run to the crew, but has second thoughts, lets off a bark, and returns to the side of the injured dog (initially thought dead by the reporters). Whether this is a protective posture, or just meant to draw the humans’ attention so they’ll bring help — he’s a hell of a pal.

By the way, CNN and the Guardian are both reporting that the dogs were rescued and are receiving veterinary care. You can read a transcript of the reporters’ back and forth here.


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