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Doing Time

The competition for Worst Idea of the Later Twentieth Century is certainly very fierce, but mass immigration of Muslims into Western societies is surely a strong contender.

Let X be the proportion of Muslims in a European country’s population. Let Y be the proportion of Muslims among the prisoners in that country’s jails. What do X and Y look like for particular countries? The Washington Post tells us.

Country     X         Y    
France     12         60    
Britain     3         11    
Netherlands     5.5         20    
Belgium     2         16    

Why is this a problem? Well, for one thing, says the Post:

The prison system has only 100 Muslim clerics for [France]‘s 200 prisons, compared with about 480 Catholic, 250 Protestant and 50 Jewish chaplains, even though Muslim inmates vastly outnumber prisoners of all other religions. “It is true that we haven’t attained full equality among religions in prisons yet,” said Sautière, the national prison official. “It is a matter of time.”

A matter of time. Right.


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